An introduction to Vine Street Market + a giveaway!

I like big totes and I can not lie. You other ladies can't deny...too much? I'm on a roll this morning folks! 

So...truth. I carry big bags for a living. I refuse to carry a diaper bag on the weekends hence I gravitate towards totes. During the week, I have a stacked schedule ranging from photo shoots to meetings to events. Most days I don't make it home to freshen up which means I need a multi-tasking bag to perform double duty for me.

That means it needs to hold my camera, lap top, wallet, notebooks, an assortment of lipsticks...the list goes on. Which brings me to my next subject. Have you heard of Vine Street Market?

These folks are clever because look - this itty bitty pocket unfolds into a durable, carryall tote that holds up to 60 lbs! How's that for amazing?

I love it. I use it for my kids and our long errand days and for work. They have so many fun colors, patterns and textures! Totally eco-conscious, too!

Are you a big tote aficionado like me? Good news, you can enter to win one today! For my loyal readers I chose this one:

Entering is easy. Simply click below and enter as many times as you like. Winner announced on 12/10/14! Good luck!